Order Form

Click here for our order form.

At Mayacamas Fine Foods we give our customers a choice of methods for
ordering. You can use our order form any of four ways that suit you best.
  • You can fill out the order form and SUBMIT IT ONLINE instantly
  • You can print the order form and FAX it to us at 707-996-4501
  • You can fill out the order form either online or on a printout and pick up
    the PHONE and call us at 1-800-826-9621
  • You can print the order form and fill it out and MAIL it to us at:
    Mayacamas Fine Foods.com
    20590 Palmer Ave. Suite A
    Sonoma, CA 95476

Mayacamas Fine Foods has been in business for over 30 years and to this date we have never had a problem with credit card transactions. We feel this is a very safe way to do business. We also never keep your credit card information in our system.

Mayacamas Fine Foods has never and will never sell, lend, distribute or give away any personal information on any customer including; names, email address and phone numbers.

Our order form can be submitted online for your convenience. Your information is as secure as it would be in a common email. Can this information be stolen? Yes, there is a slight possibility of someone taking this information but please consider the many ways in which you currently use your credit card. If you are at the supermarket, restaurant or department store, your credit card is run through a machine which carries your credit card information via telephone lines to a credit card processing center.

When you call a mail order company to purchase clothing, home supplies or exercise equipment, you give your credit card information to an operator who sends your that information over a different telephone line to a credit card processing center.

Many of these transactions are not completely secure. Most of us have no problem with this system. That is the system we are using. If that does not feel comfortable to you, please feel free to fax, phone or mail your order to us.

Hopefully we have given you enough options to feel safe in ordering from us here at Mayacamas Fine Foods, but if other arrangements need to be made please call us at the above number.

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